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Click on the vehicles icon in the main menu, and then on Vehicles Inspections.

In the case of any faulty inspections, the vehicles icon is colored red. In addition, you can see the number of faulty inspections that is presented as a red notification next to Vehicle Inspections.

The list shows the results of all the inspections made by your drivers via the Sengerio Driver application. In case of a faulty inspection, the bell on the corresponding row is colored red. Click on the bell when you want to remove the notification for that inspection (i.e. Once you inspect it).

To view the details of an inspection, double click on the row, click on the blue arrow or right click (or hold, on the tablet) and select Show details.

The details show the Vehicle involved, the Date, the Author and possibly a Note. By observing the check list, you are able to identify the fault.

Under the name of the check, there might be the preview of a photo taken by your driver. Click on it with your mouse to zoom in or on the cloud icon to download it.

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