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To create a new quotation, click on the + button from the quotations list.

Enter at least the customer, the number of passengers and the vehicle type. Also specify the travel type from those you have registered.

In the case of a flight, enter its pertinent information by clicking on the airplane icon in the Flight time field.

Record the points of the route. If you want Sengerio to find the price for this quote in your rate cards, don’t forget to enter the dates for the first and last points.

Add other route points using the + button, or duplicate one by right-clicking on it and choosing the Duplicate option.

If you have registered depots inside the program, you can automatically add them to the route by right clicking and choosing the Add depot option.
Sengerio will look for the depot closest to the departure or arrival of the trip, if present.

Clicking on Prices, you will access the details that will generate the Total Price, and you can also modify them.
Remember that Sengerio will try to automatically add a Quote Price from your rate tables, calculating it based on the data entered such as distance, duration, vehicle and travel type, locations and departure and arrival times. In this case, click on Show Rate Tables to understand the criteria that generated the price of the quote.

When you are satisfied, click on the save button to complete the creation.

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