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Click on the Road icon on the main menu and select Rate Tables.

Select the + button to create a new rate table and select either Private transfer, Private Tour or Shared transfer

A rate table of a specific type is applicable to a service only if the travel type of that service has the macro type equivalent to the rate table type.

Enter a Description and choose one or more Vehicle typologies, specify if the rate table is for all the customers or reserved for a few, and set a validity period.

Keep in mind that there can never be two identical rate tables. At least one of the four fields (shown above) must differ.

Follow the other articles about configuring the prices. Then save the rate table.

In the process of creating a service, if it meets all the criteria of a specific rate table, that rate table is automatically applied.

When editing a service, it is necessary to access the prices tab and click on Show rate table to let Sengerio search for the rate table, then click on Apply in the details of the rate table that have been found.
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