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Click on the Road icon on the main menu and select Bookings. Open a booking.

To insert an activity, click on the Activity button that you find in the Route tab inside a booking.

Here you can register a call, an email, or whatever activity done or to do, that relates to this booking.

To change the due date of the activity, click above it and select it from the calendar.

In the case of an activity not completed, the square will be made evident in grey if the date is a long time out, yellow if expiring and red if expired.

To mark an activity as completed, click on the checkbox beside the date.

Write what you want in the text area, with the possibility of using the special tags to improve the style, according to the rules that you can find by clicking on the button with the letter A.

For simplicity, you can create some recurrent Activities and use the button with the box so that, clicking on the title of one of them, its text is immediately copied to the activity.

All the activities are reported in a list in the Route tab, indicated by the calendar icon.

From the calendar icon in the toolbar at the top, you can see at any time if there are expiring and non-completed activities.
If there are any, their number will appear inside the red chip

To see the list of all your activities, expired or not, click on the calendar icon, and use the buttons above the list to filter the activities basing on the due date.

Also, as in the window, you can mark an activity as completed, or change its due date.
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