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Activities are the way in which Sengerio reminds you that something important requires your action.

A red circle next to the bell alerts you when you have Activities to read.
The number in brackets indicates how many Activities are waiting for your action.

Click on the bell in the top menu to see the latest Pending activities. The ones you are reading for the first time are highlighted in light blue.

By clicking on Show all you can view the entire list of pending activities.

For example, if you have been assigned a service, an Activity notification will be present until you Accept or Reject the assignment.
Click on the Action required button to immediately access the reservation and related conversation.

In the Agenda, reservations that require an action are in orange.

From the complete list of activities, you can also view, at any time, the activities that you have assigned to your business partners and those that have not yet completed.
To do this simply select the option Require Business Partner action.

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