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Access the list of favorite places by clicking on the road icon in the main menu, and then on Favorite places.

To add a new favorite place, click on the + button.

Choose the correct Tag for the place you are entering and fill in all the required details.

If you need to verify the correctness of the data you have entered, click on Open Google Maps and compare them with those of Google.

To add the coordinates to your favorite place, click on Define geographical coordinates.

If you know the latitude and longitude, write them directly.
Otherwise enter a location in the field with the magnifying glass and select the best suggestion proposed by Sengerio. In this case the latitude and longitude values will be filled automatically.

When you have finished, press Save.

Favorite places can also be added from the Route tab of bookings and quotations.
Start to type in the column of Route points and click on the gray + at the bottom, below the last suggestion.

To modify the existing favorite places, open them by double clicking on the corresponding line, clicking on the blue arrow next to the City, or by right clicking (or pressing, on the tablet) and selecting Open.

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