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To access the list of penalties, click on the vehicles icon in the main menu, and then on Penalties.

The image below is an example of some of the data visible for a penalty already entered.

To record a new penalty, click on the + at the top.
Fill in at least the required fields. Select Vehicle and Liable person from the respective list, clicking on the icon insert the field.

After saving, it is not possible to choose a different vehicle code for this penalty.

If the Notice field is set to Yes, from 30 days before the specified due date, the vehicle icon in the main menu becomes red, and beside Penalties in the menu, the number of those due or past due will show.

To remove the notice, access the penalty and set the Notice field to No, or click on the red bell at the end of the row in the list.

To modify a penalty, double-click on the row or click on the blue arrow next to the Reference. Fill the necessary data and save.
To delete it, click on the word Delete in the menu inside it.

To attach a file click on the clip icon on the left part of the row in the list.
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