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Click on the road icon in the main menu and then on Requests from site.

The number in the red circle indicates how many requests from the site still need to be managed, and if there are none, the number does not appear.

If you set up a link to your site, you can see all of the quotations requests coming to your site here.

The one below is an example of a request.
At the top left is the author. The body of the request contains the path and other information. Finally, at the top right is the creation date and two buttons explained below.

Click on Ignore to ignore this request.

Click on Quote to open the first step of a new quotation with all of the data already entered.
Sengerio automatically chooses the customer based on the email of the request.
If there is no customer with that information in your records, you are asked to create a new one.
In any case, you are free to choose a customer from those already existing.

Remember that if the customer has indicated a point without selecting a suggested one, this will be visible in the route points, under the specific route point.
You will have to complete the quotation by choosing the most suitable point among the suggested ones.

To find out more about the route points, see the guide for Manage the route and hire duties in the quotation.

After finishing the creation of the quotation or ignoring the request, the buttons disappear.
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