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View the list of due dates of a vehicle from its form or in one of the following ways:

access its data and click on the Due dates button in the bottom of the General tab.

From the Vehicles scheduler, click on the blue arrow beside the vehicle code and select Due dates.

To create a new due date, click on the + button, insert at least the necessary data (Type and Due Date).

To modify a due date, click on the field that interests you and write the new information. To delete it, click on the Trash icon after selecting it.

Set the Status column to Activated, to see from 30 days before the due date, the notice in the due date center of Sengerio.
If the status is not activated the due date will be shown in grey.

Set the repetition to automatically repeat the due date and specify if it needs to be blocking or not.
A blocking due date does not allow the assignment of a vehicle to a successive service to it, as long as the due date itself is not removed or postponed.
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