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View the vehicle maintenance list in one of the following ways:

access a vehicle's data and click on the Maintenance button at the bottom of the General tab.

From the Vehicle scheduler, click on the blue arrow next to the code of a vehicle and select Carried out maintenances.

Below you can see how the list appears.

To enter a new maintenance, click on the + at the top and, in the window, enter at least the required fields (Date and Maintenance). In the Maintenance field, you can insert more than one of them by choosing from the list.

To modify a maintenance, double-click on the row or click on the blue arrow next to the Date. Change what you want in the window, click Continue, then save.

Clicking on the folder icon on the left of each maintenance a panel at the bottom is shown. It will show the attachments and allow you to add new ones by the + button.
To attach a file you must have saved the maintenance before.

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