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Open the Agenda or one of the Schedulers from the calendar icon in the main menu.

Click on the Preferences menu item.

Configure the Segment label of the scheduler by selecting the information that will compile the segment description, as in the example below.
Specify how to use the auto-assign feature. By choosing a pre-assigned Driver, each time you assign a vehicle to which you have entered a pre-assigned driver, the system automatically assigns that driver (if available). Vice versa, by choosing a Pre-assigned Vehicle, the mechanism is triggered when you assign the driver.

For Human resources, configure Sharing, Instant or Manual by selecting the corresponding word.

For the Suppliers, set Sharing, Instant or Manual by selecting the corresponding word and, if necessary, exclude one or more suppliers from this choice by adding them with the + button.

To configure a Notification email, specify an email address that is used by a sender in the notification messages sent to your suppliers at the time of an assignment. To exclude these messages from certain suppliers, add them to the excluded list with the + button.

To configure the Customers from which accept bookings automatically, click on the + button or on the trash can depending on whether you want to add or delete one.

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