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To plan the journeys of a line, open the line you want and click on the three dots icon on the left of the journey template you want to use (or right click on it) and press on Planning.

In the window that opens you can immediately see, along with few details at the top, every journeys already planned for this template.

To plan new journeys just fill the fields at the top with the start date and finish date and click on Plan.
Obviously, if the period you have specified contains one or more days that the template does not provide, they are ignored.

Selecting one or more journeys is possible to:

Cancel a journey by clicking on the trash icon.

Assign the same vehicle or driver to all the selected journeys (if they are available) by clicking on the corresponding button.

Move a journey to a different template by pressing on Move to template and selecting one.

This last feature is useful when you have to edit a template, for example because of a change of time, and you already have some planned journeys that you must edit.
Since a saved template cannot be modified, the correct procedure is to create another one, with the new specifications, then select the journeys to edit and move on the new template.
When you try to move a journey, planned in a specific day, to a template that does not provide for that day, the journey will not be moved.
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