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Go to the calendar icon in the main menu and click on the word Agenda or Vehicles scheduler or open the booking that contains the hire on which you want to work.

To assign a vehicle hire, you have various possibilities depending on where you are:

In Scheduler, drag the hire in the timeline in the row corresponding to one of your vehicles. When you select the hire that you want to drag, its duration is plotted on the timeline with a green band, that lets you see at a glance if there are intersections with other hires and which vehicles are available.

In the Agenda click on the vehicle icon in the vehicle column.

In booking, click on the vehicle icon in the Coverage column, on the Hire duties tab.

Alternatively, select Assign vehicle from the menu that you can open with a right click on the hire (or holding, on the tablet.)

The Available vehicles window only shows the vehicles available, sorted by number of seats and, for each these vehicles:

Where its previous hire ended, and the time that elapsed between from the end of its previous hire to the start of this one
Where its next hire start and the time that between the end of this hire and the start of the next
Use the text field at the top to search for a specific vehicle from the selected group or scroll the list and choose the vehicle manually.

At the bottom you find the list of hires for all involved reservations. Select one or more as you wish, and the system automatically calculate which vehicles are available to cover those specific hires.

Assigning with the drag, if a hire belongs to a booking that has more than one, you can chose which of the hire to assign. By default, the hire (or hires) that you dragged are selected. You can, for example, assign more than one to the same vehicle in a single step.

To remove the assignment of a vehicle, right click on the row or on the hire segment (or hold, on the tablet) and select Remove vehicle.
If you want to change the vehicle assigned to a hire, it’s not necessary that you remove it! Click directly on Assign vehicle or drag the segment to another vehicle and the software completes the move and the new assignment automatically!

If you are removing a vehicle from a hire belonging to a reservation with more hires, you are offered a window from which to choose from which hire to remove the vehicle (in this way for example, you can easily remove it from all hires at once.) By default, the hire (or hires) from which you opened the window are selected.

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