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To print or send a customer credit note document by email, click on Print or send in the menu inside the credit note.

The screen is divided in two parts.
On the right you can see the document preview which reflects the language and settings selected on the left panel.

Let's see the fields one by one:

Action - You can select an action between send and print.

Language - You can specify the language of the document; this influences the text of the document itself.

Layout - You can choose whether to use the Default layout or not.

If you are sending an email, there are also other fields:

From - The sender of the email can be chosen from among those that Sengerio automatically suggests, or can be entered manually.
In both cases, Sengerio remembers the choice the next time a credit note is sent.
The suggested values ​​are the name and email registered on your user data and, if available, names and emails recorded on the data of the account or subaccount selected for the specific credit note.
It is important to know that the sender must be written in the form name <email> and that you can also modify only one of the two parts individually.

To - The recipient of the email can be chosen from among those that Sengerio automatically suggests to you or it can be entered manually (even more than one).
The suggested values ​​are related to the name and email of the customer of the credit note, and to the contacts registered on that same customer.
Alternatively, you can also specify an email address manually.

Cc and Bcc - These fields are visible once selected on the corresponding labelled.
If shown, they follow the same logic as the To field.

Body - This is simply the text of the email that is sent.

All printed or sent documents are saved in the records and you can see them in any moment.
Access to a credit note and click on Printed or sent documents to see those relative to that specific credit note.

In the list an icon tells you if the document has been printed or sent by email, and you are able to open the document by clicking on the row.
If it is an email you can also look at the email text and follow the events (for example, if it has been delivered or not, and when).

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