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To configure the Geographical Areas to be used in the rate tables, for example, access the window to modify the Transfer Prices by section or to configure the Tours by Area in the Tour Prices tab, and start typing the name of the area.

The drop-down list shows the list of areas already configured. Instead, click on the pencil icon to open the drawing tool and create new ones.

Click on the hand icon at the top to move the map by dragging it, or search for the location you want to draw your area by typing in the field at the top left.
When you are ready, click on the polygon icon to start drawing.

The following is an extremely simple example of a valid polygon.
At the end of the design, write the name you want to give to the drawing area and click on Continue.

While you draw the area, keep in mind that the polygon cannot intersect itself!

When you have finished and are satisfied with your work, click on the X to return to your rate table.

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