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To set the prices for the transfers, select the Transfer Prices tab inside a rate table.
Choose from the configuration of a generic price or specific prices per section.

Generic price
Define all the elements you deem necessary to calculate the price of the transfer and, for each element, choose a unit price and associate it with a quantity that could be the Total distance, the Duration in hours or a Flat price.
When the rate table is used to calculate a price for a quotation or a booking, the final amount is given by the sum of the unit price of each element multiplied by the specified quantity.

Let’s see an example. The configuration below signifies that the fare for the driver is $30 per hour and for the vehicle is $0.40 per mile.

By entering the customer, the vehicle type, the travel type, the route points and the dates in a quotation or in a booking, the price is automatically obtained.

To see the details of the calculation, click on the Final total or open the Prices tab of a booking or a quotation, then click on Show rate table.

You are free to add all of the elements that you find necessary to the calculation of the price and to specify, for each element, a Band or the Lowest price.

By setting the Band, you can define, for example, a price for the first 100 miles and another price for the next miles, from 101 on.
By setting Lowest price, if the quantity multiplied by the unit price is less than this value, the Lowest price is used.

In the picture below, the first 100 miles have a price of $.040 per mile, but given that the minimum price is $20, it means that the first 50 (20.00 / 0.40) are always included.

In addition to the unit price, for each item you can also configure its Unit Cost. This information is treated just like the price and when you create a new quotation or booking, in addition to the price being set, so will the cost.

Price per section

Configure specific fares per section, specifying Departure, Arrival, and Price.
Add a new row by clicking +. In the window, choose whether to use a Geographic Area that you previously configured or specify a Geographic point.

When you make a quotation or booking, if the departure and arrival of the trip find a geographical correspondence with the route that is in the rate table, then the Price that you set in that field is given.

On the single route, you configure the Advance in minutes to allow Sengerio not only to give the correct price but also to calculate the departure and arrival times of the trip based on the time of departure of a Flight from the airport.

Also here you can set the Cost for a single section, and when you go to create a new quotation or booking, it will be set together with the price.
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