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Click on the calculator icon in the main menu and then on Statements.

This list displays all of the clients who have expired invoices (together with Gross amount, Collected amount and Unpaid amount). This is displayed using the current day as a reference date by default.
Change the date by clicking on calendar and selecting the date that interests you.

To manually generate a payment reminder, double click on the row, click on the blue arrow next to customer name or simply double click on the invoice.

In the window, specify Language, Layout, Level of reminder (from 1st, 2nd or 3rd) and write a custom email text or use the one suggested by Sengerio. Set a Contact from the customer to automatically fill the To field for this contact. To the right you can see a preview of the document.

All of printed or sent documents (either manually or automatically) are saved in archives. To access them, click on Generated Document inside the menu.

In the list click on the envelope icon to view the sent email text and to follow the events (for example, if it has been delivered or not).

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