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When you work with a Buyer (e.g. a Tour Operator, or any kind of connected customer) through Sengerio, he can request you to communicate to him one or more vehicles with specific features, based on an agreement you have with him.

To do that you have to register the vehicle inside Sengerio first, by adding it in the vehicles list.

After that, click on the exclamation point at the top left of the vehicles list to access the vehicles communcations list.

For every profile that the Buyer asked to you, you will see two numbers:
one representing the number of vehicles that need to be communicated to him
the other that represents the number of vehicles that you have already proposed to him.

Keep in mind that it is okay if you propose more vehicles for a specific profile, but the minimum number of vehicles that you have to communicate is decided by the Buyer and is visible in the column 'To be communicated'.

Click on 'Add Vehicle' near anyone of the profiles and you will be able to select which one of your vehicles you want to communicate for that profile.
Keep in mind that, to be able to communicate the vehicle, all its details must be filled (from details tab inside the vehicle).

Once communicated you will see it with the yellow label 'Check in progress' and the Buyer will be able to see it and verify it.
He will also be able to see the attachments of that vehicle (for example the insurance file) if set as public and with a specific tag.

If the vehicle has all the correct features, then it will be accepted, and you will see the green label 'Accepted' next to it, otherwise you will see a red label 'Refused' with the reason explained right under it.

In any moment you can withdraw a vehicle by clicking on the corresponding label next to it, or you can propose it again (when it was refused) after you have fixed the problems the Buyer told you.

If the Buyer tells you that the vehicle insurance has expired, check that you have updated the date in the due dates tab in side the vehicle.

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