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Wherever you are working on the system, use the Sengerio quick search tool (on the top left) to find in a second bookings, quotations, invoices or other operators, without losing the focus of your work by moving in a different section of the application.

To select which type of object you are looking for just click on it in the list.


The research will be made, depending on what you have written, on the booking number, on the reference, on the customer and the start location, and the results are ordered from the most recent to the least recent up to 5 bookings.
It is also possible to filter on the start date by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Click on any of the results to immediately access the corresponding booking.


Similarly to the bookings, the research is made on the quotation number, the reference, the customer and the start location, ordering the results from the most recent to the least recent.
Also in this case is possible to add a filter on the start date.


The invoices search is made on the invoice number, reference and customer, ordering the results from the most recent to the least recent.
It is possible to add the filter on the document date.


The operators research is useful to find new business partners who use Sengerio, and to work with by making a connection.
The research will show two types of results at the same time; it will search on the name and work zone among all the operators registered in Sengerio, and it will search the areas that can meet the search string.
this way you will be able to find an operator directly, or to look for an area of interest; by clicking on that area you will see the list of the operators that work there, to which you can connect.

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